MHMT Beef Jerky — “Official” Sponsor of The Canadian Outdoors

You’re on the side of a mountain or skiing in the backcountry when hunger strikes. You could try to bite down on a protein bar that is frozen solid or you could reach for the snack that adventurers have chosen for hundreds of years – beef jerky!

After a workout, post roller derby, on top of your horse, in the back country, climbing ice or dropping out of a helicopter on the side of a mountain… it doesn’t matter where you are, beef jerky can go with you and give you a protein punch and an energy boost.

Why choose beef jerky over other portable go anywhere snacks? Glad you asked, the reasons are plentiful.

Beats the weather Anyone that has ever adventured in the Canadian wilderness can tell you that the weather can be harsh, snow in July? Yep, we get that damn near every year. Don’t get caught in the cold with a snack that has turned into a solid frozen brick – yes, we’re looking at you protein bars. Beef jerky beats the weather by staying in its natural state, even in minus 25 degree temperatures.

Packing a Punch As any active Canadian can tell you, protein is an absolute must post activity. Protein helps your muscles recover and grow. When you’re unstrapping your skis or snowboard, dismounting from your trusty steed or taking your shoes off post run, protein will supply your body with the amino acids it needs to repair, replenish and build your muscles.

Savour the Flavour Do you know what is amazing about using Alberta beef to make beef jerky? It tastes like Alberta Beef! Man, does our beef ever taste great. Aside from the amazingness of the beef, jerky comes in all different shapes, sizes and flavours. In our case MHMT is proud to offer: habanero hot, honey garlic, chipotle lime, teriyaki, black pepper, and good ol’ original beef jerky.

Shelf Life How many other grab and go snacks do you know of that can have the shelf life of beef jerky? Jerky was invented as a way to preserve meat for times when hunting was difficult and food was scarce, before fridges there was dehydration. It took a lot of work to hunt the animal, they sure didn’t let any of that meat go to waste! We may not need to hunt our food anymore; however we are active people that don’t always have room for lots of food. The beef jerky at MHMT is shelf stable and doesn’t need to be cooled, it has a six month best before date, we dare you to try to make a bag of our jerky last six months. Never. Going. To Happen.

Tummy Friendly It just so happens that beef jerky is not just tasty but it also meshes nicely with many different lifestyle and medical diets. MHMT jerky is proudly gluten-free we have gone out of our way to build all of our recipes without adding gluten to it, so people with a gluten intolerance can rejoice. Keep in mind, not all jerky recipes are created equal, so some beef jerky may contain gluten. It is also a paleo friendly, and MHMT does not contain MSG. It can satisfy even the pickiest of stomachs.

Next time you’re heading out to the mountains, out for a jog with friends or mounting that trusty steed, don’t forget to bring your best food friend, beef jerky. Don’t get after workout hangry!


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