Caesar Sticks

Made from Quality, Triple A, Canadian Beef

Your caesars will never be the same…

Caesars are a nearly perfect adult beverage. There is nothing like the blend of savory, spicy, and boozy to help fuel your afternoon. We love caesars and if you do too, our newest product is right up your alley! We had the bright idea to take Canada’s official drink and combine it with Alberta’s favourite snack. Introducing Beef Jerky Caesar Sticks!

Restaurants, bars, and aficionados alike will love this addition to the most popular Canadian drink. Impress your favourite carnivore by upping your caesar making game – adding some Beef Jerky Caesar Sticks will take your drink to the next level!

Before you add our premium Alberta Beef Jerky to your bevvy, understand that your caesar will never be the same! Say goodbye to tired old garnishes and say hello to Beef Jerky Caesar Sticks.

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