The Top 5 Reasons to Buy Local

Like Beef? Of course you do. You are on a website dedicated to Beef Jerky! If you live in Alberta and you love beef you are in luck. You are in the heart of cattle country and it is easy to buy locally sourced or locally raised beef – and EXCELLENT beef jerky. It’s not just the beef in southern Alberta that is amazing, we have great pork and chicken raised locally as well. Despite the weather we also have great greenhouses that allow us to have farm fresh produce year round. This raises the question, if you can buy locally sourced products, why wouldn’t you?

Taste You can compare the taste between locally raised beef and beef imported from South America or other places but it really wouldn’t be fair to the other guys. Locally raised or grown food is fresher, it hasn’t been trucked or flown in and you can taste that difference.

Health Buying local is healthier for you. When you buy local you are buying food that doesn’t need to be pumped full of preservatives to get to you. You can taste the difference but you can also feel the difference in the way that your body processes the food.

Experience If you make it out to one of the Farmers’ Markets in your area, buying locally from an Alberta farmer/rancher can be an experience.  A nice family outing on a Sunday that isn’t as stressful as going to your local grocery store or a nice place to take a lunch date to explore your local food scene. There are many places you can build a relationship with the person who made your food, they will know your name or remember your favourite cut of meat, the service when you buy local is unparalleled.

Roots People have really become too far removed from their food – especially their meat. It has made people less mindful of the food they consume. Buying local brings you closer to your food source and your roots.

Keeping ‘em close Ranching or farming is an expensive business. You have to pay for the land, the feed, the fertilizer and the equipment among other things. You are always hearing about local businesses not being able to compete with the big box stores. Agriculture is the same. When you buy your food locally you are supporting the farmer, their family and their ranch or farm and in turn it allows them to keep raising and growing the food that you love!

Next time you are cooking at home think about where your food comes from. Was it raised under Alberta skies or tended to by a family committed to growing the best food? When you buy from your local producer you really can taste the difference local food makes.

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